About the World of Warholic

I know, you are coming here to read a bit about me, right? For the moment, you will have to read about me on the far side, according to Jim. I guess you could say this is east side of the net, and world of Jim is on the west side, or maybe it is the other way around. Who knows? Of course, I could have my directions all wrong, so it is wise to go north and south too.

Now, for this bit of wisdom, as I have said before, when you head east, it never ends, and going west never ends also, but if you go north, you will eventually head south, and if you go south you will eventually head north. Up is down, and down is up, but going sideways is forever. East and west never join, but north and south join at the top and the bottom of the world. The war joined the north and south, but the east and west is another matter altogether.

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